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July 19, 2010
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Energy beat by Fiveonthe Energy beat by Fiveonthe
Rappelz, MMORPG! 8DD; Even though it isn't a FF7 or KH fan art... it's still a fan art of Rappelz LOL. /otz

Anyway, she looks more like a re-coloured lightning, XD ...
and can anyone spot Zack and Terra? ^^

Btw, how does the hand look? :s I practiced it...

..... And tomorrow's the start of term 2..... D: At least there's only half a year left of being year 8 LOL
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Critique by Rock-andLove Jul 19, 2010, 3:45:50 AM
I really like how you did the watermarks. Havnt seen anyone put a watermark that blends in with the picture so...creatively.
The way you colored it is perfect. The hair and the dress is just amazing. Even the fairies are awesome. XD
Everything is just so detailed. The fire, The random glowy magic balls, the texture of the dress, etc.

Three things though...
-The hand. It lol.
Its very wobbly too.
Just a little bit more practice ~ and ull get there :)

-Some of the outlines
I dont know if you wanted it to be like that but some of the outlines are "sketchylooking". On the underarm, red fairies wing, and the lower part of the dress to be exact.

-You colored outside the lines (on some areas). LOL
and theres a random grey color on the lips.

But yeah. overall, A fantastic piece.
definitely DDworthy. :)

(bah! that was my very 1st critic. lol. hope i didnt sound too harsh)
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This is a very pretty piece! Lovely colour scheme going on here, I really like how it all harmonizes so well, and the small instances of orange and green with the fairies are a nice touch. I also like the motion conveyed in her hair and clothing, quite subtle but nicely done.

I think there are a few issues with the anatomy, namely her left hand. The fingers need more definition to show where the joints are, and the angle at which it's been drawn is a little odd, particularly as we can't see her foreshortened forearm behind it. Her right arm is a little out of proportion as well, it looks a bit too short perhaps.

I like her expression a lot, it's very natural and emotive. I would say that the head angle is a bit odd, her head is too far forward on the neck, and makes the neck too long.

My final comment is that I especially admire the gorgeous details on the clothing, and the soft glowing effect of the lighting.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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xD Thanks!
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no need ^^
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wow she's pretty <3
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you are welcome ^^
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awesome and girl is swety ^^
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XD Thankd
Ruikochan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
youre from msia ? :D
u still play rappelz ?
im playing us server rappelz tortus server :)
huna lvl 91
Fiveonthe Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011
Haha, nooo... I uninstalled it. It was reallyfun to play though ^^
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