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February 7, 2013
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League of Legends: TOWARDS SEASON 3! by Fiveonthe League of Legends: TOWARDS SEASON 3! by Fiveonthe
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Updated 2/02/2014: Hi-Res close ups ->

Updated: Uploaded larger file size (1880 x 918) and WIP link!

:iconhappyblueplz: Finally completed my entry for the Pre-season 3 contest at League of Legends! :D
It's probably the largest file I've ever had to work with because of their size requirements, but it was extremely fun !!! Can you spot 3 Teemo mushrooms? kinda easy but hey xD

So this is my little comedic twist of some of my favourite champions preparing for Season 3 XD - (Get ready for a narrative!! xD)
On the left, we have Shyvanna and J4 standing up tall and looking towards the new beginning ~ Shyv always loyal to J4's side.
Moving along, Irelia taking in the beauty of Ionia, like a little peaceful moment in the morning before her training.
Master Yi meditating ~ Who ever wondered why AP YI was so strong? Because he practices!!!

The New Season has brought many new items in favour of supports; a busy support season! Nami is holding the Banner of Command, leading to the new Season.
Sona plays her musical masterpiece as usual, with a new item in hand. Taric is especially happy - not only because there are new items, but because instead of just normal sightstones, they are ruby sightstones. xD

The two notable figures in Valoran; Garen and Katarina spend their time training by SPINNING TO WIN. And people wonder why both of them can spin so well - because they train together! Only the best can clash with the best.

On top, Vladimir is being the Reaper of blood as he goes forth to the ninja clinic to 'take' some supplies :heart: Blood - being a precious resource, has made Kennen as furious and as quick as lightning to chase after the thief! Akali, who follows after Kennen, is also after the thief. And we have Shen, watching his comrades.

Pantheon reaches for the skies as her practices his Grand Skyfall!

While Talon gives an AD Caster lesson to the 'new' ad caster Zed. ("Bloodthirster is necessary... target the squishies..."), Zed, being the Master of Shadows, is casually pretending to listen as his shadow is mischievously playing with Talon's hair.

Diana and Leona both spend their time training on their own, but when they clash, it only results in endless rivalry.

Darius, on the other hand, can dunk so well with Noxian Guillotine, mainly because he practices with a basketball. 'DUNK!'

Freljord beauty Ashe maintains her perfect precision by obviously training with her bow and arrow; target? An Apple. On Tryndamere's helmet.

Fiora is also a artist with a sword. In more ways than one.

And of course, self-praising, narcissistic Draven welcomes himself into the League of Draven and into Season 3 by looking back at his previous achievements. (News flash: "Draven does it again! In style." , "You wish you were jailed: Draven, the Glorious Executioner!")

While in the City of Progress, the Piltover team of 4, Caitlyn does actually make her own Yordle Snap Traps. How can her skillset work if she doesn't prepare for the new season? Vi is stuck in midst the two geniuses, wondering what the heck is going on. While Ezreal and Jayce discuss the makings of the new item - Runaan's Hurricane.

Some nature love, Maokai gifts a flower to the beautiful Zyra.

While Annie tries to find Tibbers for the new Season, she ends up coming across a fluffy, cuddly bear called Volibear.

And a rivalled duo prepare for Season 3 by playing a card duel - Twisted Fate (who has never won a fair game. Or played one) wins this turn with a double ace. As Graves is disappointed with his nearly winning cards, Jack and Ace. As they bicker, Evelynn watches from the shadows, laughing in her mind.

And what else to finish the preparing of Season 3 with a little Teemo planting his mushrooms and stealthing around?

:icontearplz: I talked a lot more than I thought I would, but there is my description! xD
Hope you guys like it! Good luck to everyone who entered. :)

Art Fiveonthe
07 02 2013.

PILTOVER'S FINEST!! by FiveontheAC3: someday you would be loved by FiveontheAvengers: Fantasy Re-design by FiveontheOne better day by Fiveonthe
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